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Image by Mark Eder


The next step towards better skin

BABOR depends on more than 60 years of German skincare knowledge to match the highest customer expectations. All research, development, and production activities occur exclusively at the company's headquarters in Aachen. As a result, every product—from the conceptualization to the finished jar—stands for science, accuracy, and effectiveness and makes a quality promise.


Doctor Babor

For each unique skin requirement, DOCTOR BABOR offers clinical-grade skincare products to produce observable, quantifiable, and precise outcomes. Even the most complex skin can see visible benefits when cutting-edge medical research and innovative, effective ingredients are combined.

Clean Formance

Maximum transparency, maximum dependability, and maximum performance are what BABOR implies by "clean beauty." These qualities are transformed into this distinctive product line. To guarantee the best effects are obtained in the safest manner possible, the components are formulated down to the milligramme. Gluten, lactose, silicone, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, and synthetic perfumes are all absent in this line, which is also vegan.

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