Top lifetime warranty Canada Brand: Canada Goose

canada goose trillium parka red

Canada Goose is committed to producing the best in the world, extreme cold weather, warm coat. Canada goose in Canada for more than 50 years has been manufacturing innovative, high quality coat–from the Antarctic research facilities to Canada the Arctic, then to New York, Toronto, Stockholm, Milan and Tokyo.

$100 down coats are popular, but hundreds of thousands of Yuan and never worry about to join. Yes, the canada goose trillium parka red is the most make Canada proud of local fashion brands. This originally designed for Super warm coat of polar explorers have developed brand has been sold for many years in Europe and America, is Canada in the minds of people with practical and stylish first winter fashion brands. More and more celebrities are starting to choose Canada Goose as movie costumes or winter clothes. Like Hollywood, Matt-Damon, play Hermione in the Harry Potter’s little Emma, are fans of the Canada Goose.

In addition, the Canada goose in the Hollywood limelight, Nicolas Cage in national treasure in it, in the The Day After Tomorrow, polar suspense thriller Whiteout was without it. Rare is that Canada Goose online has not paid any fee, movie set is full of choices. In 2004, canada goose mens banff parka and even into the United States polar expedition to develop equipment lists.

Basically, the Canada Goose is a have “lifetime warranty” jacket!, as long as the non-anthropogenic damage deliberately caused coat, can be sent back to the original lifetime free repair. So, maybe we can say: this is a down jacket can wear for a lifetime (if the figure had not changed all my life. … )

Retrospective history of the Canada Goose, since 1957, said. One from Poland immigrant Sam Tick, with experience in other factories when the cutter, in a small Studio in Toronto, founded a company called “Metro Sportswear” sports apparel company, started manufacturing wool vests, raincoats, clothes for playing electric sled.

Early 70 ‘s, Sam Tick’s son-in-law David Reiss has been developed using down fill insulation clothing, began to focus on research and development of high quality light down jacket, available to Canada North of the border patrol, police and environmental monitoring, and so on.

In 1982, Laurie Skreslet became the first to reach the Himalayan peaks of Canada who, wearing snow of Laurie and David work together.

Beginning of the 90, canada goose mens hybridge lite hoody brand officially registered stand, thus began to focus on developing lighter and warm down jackets. In 1992, Sam Tick’s grandson, the son of David Reiss Dani Reiss became the company’s CEO, expanding business, the Canada Goose are sold all over the world. In 2001, Dani Reiss made two important decisions: first, only with the Canada Goose discount from all future products; second, insisted on all products Canada manufactured locally.

Entering the 21st century, canada goose toronto outlet store announced in December 2013, with the United States by Bain Capital (Bain) deal will transfer the stake to this United States private investment firm, to help it develop the overseas markets, but which still retains control over the most. Meanwhile, Dani Reiss said: regardless of the equity transfer, canada goose toronto store remains in full production in the country, a tradition, not outsourced. After the injection of new capital, the brand will more actively explore overseas markets, including India and Japan, not Canada cold places, meanwhile plans to make the products more diverse, will in the near future, meet Canada Goose Watch on the market, sporting or other feather products such as blankets, keeping warm.

Brand popularity, high prices, will lead to fake nature, emerging on the market counterfeit, so starting from 2011, Canada Goose down jacket on everything sewn on label.

If you go to New York in winter, you can easily find, and Canada Goose are also very popular in fashionable New Yorker pieces. Good material, with a restrained design, and finally coupled with the practical and functional, this is a most ideal fashion item, please? Both men and women, the dress is formal or casual, can be paired easily with Canada Goose!

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